Metal Artist Forum - "The Fusion of Metal, Passion of Art, and Forging of Knowledge"


Metal Artist Forum ~ MAF ~ The fusion of metal, passion of art, and forging of knowledge.

The Metal Artist Forum is a place where both new and accomplished artists can share their knowledge and be inspired. MAF is a Forum for all types of Metalwork and Finishes. MAF is a place where new artists can feel comfortable to post their work and receive comments from experienced artists. Offers a permanent member's gallery showing a large selection of contemporary metal art.

MAF is a web community of metal artists whom are here for one purpose: we want to help each other learn about metalsmithing. MAF does not tolerate flaming, rude behavior, or members that are just looking to stir the pot and create drama. MAF is a place for artists and friends to share ideas and inspire each other in a professional, fun, and drama free environment.

Here you will find Blacksmiths, Metalsmiths, Repousse artists, Armor makers, Knife makers and so much more.

MAF is a free metal artists resource for networking, discussion, feedback, exhibition invites, resource sharing, publication opportunities, calls for submissions, etc. A free to join Metal Artist Forum. You do not need to be a member to view any of the photos but you do need to be a member to post. Join our community today! So
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